Pros and cons

Location: Western Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship

Road network: S5 expressway from (Gdańsk – Poznań) with the “Czempiń” junction, A2 motorway (Warsaw – Berlin) at a distance of 25 km

Investment areas: covered by local zoning regulation

Human resources: qualified workforce

Infrastructure: easy access to infrastructure with the necessary utilities (water, gas, sewage)

Investor service: efficient and professional substantive support

High dynamics of development

Czempiń is a municipality with significant development dynamics. Local authorities successively identify the most urgent needs of residents, plan future investments and raise funds for their completion, which makes the municipality thrive. The municipality is proud of its above-average effectiveness in obtaining external funding, which made it develop dynamically. This is further confirmed by independent rankings. In the last ranking of the use of European funds by local governments, Czempiń ranked 1st. in the Kościan poviat, and 2nd in the entire Greater Poland Voivodeship. In the ranking of local government investment expenditure for 2017-2019, the Czempiń Municipality was listed among the investment leaders, with its 1st place in the poviat, and 3rd in the entire Voivodeship. The high position of the Czempiń Municipality stems from the intensive development of the municipality, intended to meet the needs of its inhabitants and potential investors.

New investments in the commune

  • Constructing infrastructure for the development of urban mobility
  • Investments in the construction and reconstruction of roads
  • Construction of a sanitary sewage system
  • Connection of utilities to investment areas
  • Subsidies for heat source replacement and construction of home sewage treatment plants
  • Investments under the village council funds and the civic budget
  • Investments in municipal buildings and facilities

Road connections

The S5 expressway from Gdańsk via Poznań to the Czech Republic passes through the Czempiń Municipality, along with the “Czempiń” junction located in Głuchów, the former national road No. 5 (change of category to provincial road No. 196A), as well as leading provincial roads: No. 310 Głuchowo – Czempiń – Śrem and No. 311 Kawczyn – Czempiń, and the network of district and municipal roads. The Czempiń municipality is located close to the A2 Berlin-Warsaw motorway.

National and international roads:

Poznań – 30 km
Wrocław – 146 km
Szczecin 284 km
Warsaw 340 km
Berlin – 286 km
Prague – 403 km

Railway connections

The municipality hosts the Poznań Główny – Wrocław Główny main railway with the train station in Czempiń. Travel time to the capital of the Voivodeship is limited to 25 minutes. The Czempiń Transfer Hub is also located here – it provides nearly 150 parking spaces in three modern, monitored parking lots. This hub also features 5 km of modern pedestrian and cycling routes, leading straight to the railway station.

The E 59 railway line is part of the Trans-European Transport Network, which includes roads and railways, airports, sea and river ports, waterways and transhipment terminals. It forms part of the international Baltic-Adriatic railway corridor.

Main rail lines – travel times:

Poznań – 30 minutes
Wrocław – 1 hour 35 min.
Szczecin – 4 hours
Warsaw – 3 hours 15 min.
Berlin – 3 hours 30 min.


There are three Polish airports within a radius of 155 km. The Poznań “Ławica” airport is less than 40 km away.

Distance from airports:

Poznań – 40 km
Zielona Góra – 84 km
Wrocław – 155 km
Berlin – 265 km
Warsaw – 347 km


The municipality is located less than 350 km away from all the nation’s major seaports

Distances from seaports:

Szczecin – 239 km
Kołobrzeg – 286 km
Gdańsk – 350 km

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